Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Giant Step...

I first spotted this cake when attempting to google a recipe for a simple cookie cake. My boyfriend at the time (now the hubby) was having a birthday, loved cookie cakes and I figured I couldn't screw that up TOO bad.

As I searched for my easy to do, even Bianca could make it taste good cake I had an encounter... a Martha Stewart encounter. Martha's Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake became my new to-do.

Meanwhile, somewhere around a year later, I made it. I combined Martha's recipe, one sleepless night of worrying about the success of this cake, many hours checking and rechecking my measuring, and a classic cream cheese frosting to create this culinary masterpiece (not that I'm biased or anything...)

Now before you judge my cake I feel you should know...

I am a slack ironing, muffin making, laundry doing, house cleaning domesticate neophyte. I am a wreck. Or at least that is how I feel on a daily basis. Thrown into the world of being a "wife" I have begun to realize that I somehow missed that chromosome which my mother and sister... and of course Martha... seem to possess which makes one a domestic goddess.

I know what you are thinking, it takes WORK. No one automatically knows how to cook and clean and fold... that's right, I said fold. I understand that cooking takes practice and that one must walk before they run but... I burned my new hubby's grilled cheese sandwich. Not because I wasn't paying attention, but because I legitimately did not know how to make one. Who does that?

I added too many blueberries to the blueberry muffins. "Not possible! You can never have to many blueberries!" Nope, they were not muffins but, blobs. Muffin shaped blobs of blueberries.

Therefore, with this being said, you must admit... this cake may not seem to be a masterpiece to domestic divas everywhere, but to this desperate housewife, it is a step. A step towards... I don't know... maybe successfully creating an entire meal? Hmmm... seems unlikely.

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