Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GAP Boots Lust? Really?

I've never been a real GAP lover... at all. I feel like they are overpriced for what the clothes are and everything is so boxy... basically, just not for me.

So, when I first saw the new holiday Gap commercials I was surprised by the immediate impulse to have their boots.

The chunky high heeled construction boot seemed so un-GAP to me. Turns out, I was right.

One google search later, and I came upon this article.

Turns out these "GAP" boots are actually from Barney's, of course. Why can't I fall in lust with anything in my price range?

[ Lace Up Ankle Boot via Barneys New York - Price $395 ]

Luckily, they are only available in tan and not in the dark blue/grey shown in the commercials. For some reason, this makes the fact that I can't afford them a little easier to swallow.

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