Friday, December 18, 2009

Million Dollar Wish List #1 - the Hubby

1. Wooden iPhone Dock-

Imagine my dismay when I found that these little Woodtec treasures are all sold out for the holidays. Sigh. This would have been the absolute perfect gift for my hard to buy for hubby. Not to mention, I wouldn't mind these aesthetically pleasing electronic devices sitting in the living room. And, finally, most devastating of all, I believe the smaller dock was priced at about $48, a price just in the hubby and my $50 limit for our gifts to each other.

[ iPhone/iPod Docking Station via Woodtec ]

This next one is even more amazing to me, a wooden iPod dock with built-in speakers by Straight Line Designs. Because this company custom designs pieces for their clients I am dubbing this an ungettable gift... for my budget at least.

[ image via Geeky Gadgets ]

2. LOVE Scrabble Tile Pillows -

One of the hubby and my new favorite past times, SCRABBLE... What better way to show my love for him and this classic board game than these pillows.

[ LOVE Scrabble Tile Pillows via Etsy - Price $98 ]

3. Bose Headphones -

I cannot imagine why headphones would need to cost this much, but the hubby has been talking about these headphones for quite some time.

[ Bose Headphones - Price $300 ]

4. Larry Bird Autographed Jersey -

No gift list for the hubby would be complete without something sports related. He eat, drinks and breathes all things ESPN.

Now, since I have absolutely no sports knowledge, (a characteristic that surprisingly seems to work for our relationship) the sports gift would be a difficult one for me to find. Luckily, I have paid enough attention in our sports related conversations to know that all things Larry Bird are considered sacred.

[ Larry Bird Autographed Jersey via - Price $657.12 ]

5. Polar Bear Wool Animals -

Because every grown man needs a lovely pair of polar bear stuffed animals...

These beauties are hand sewn, adapted from a vintage pattern, made from all natural and recycled materials and did I mention they are lovely...

[ Mama and Baby Polar Bear Wool Animals via Etsy - Price $80 ]

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