Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Million Dollar Wish List #2- Mommy

1. Retro Refrigerator -

One night, as I indulged in a little guilty pleasure in the form of some bad TV, i.e. the new Melrose Place, the hubby pointed out the vintage refrigerator in one of the character's apartments and questioned if you can really get those that work...

Well baby, you sure can and this vintage inspired refrigerator with it's "modern functionality" would be the perfect addition to my mothers already funk-ified kitchen.

[ Retro Fridge via Big Chill - Price $2,695 ]

[ Me in mum's kitchen... wouldn't the red fridge be
perfect with her already retro red microwave? ]

2. Crackled Address Book -

My mothers old black address book is in desperate need of an update. Although there is something lovely about yellowed pages and broken binding, I think this book has style without loosing all her contacts.

[ Crackled Address Book via Anthropologie - Price $78 ]

3. Sea Anemone Stacking Rings -

For her newly found love of stack-able rings...

[ Three Sea Anemone Stacking Rings via Etsy - Price $58 ]

4. Red Standing Mixer -

When it comes to baking the Christmas goodies, (or any sweet deliciousness for that matter) my mother is a true genius. Perhaps, I am a bit biased, but everything she makes is AMAZING. Even as I write, visions of her fudge, cut-out cookies, chocolate cake, magic cookie bars, molasses cake and no bake cookies dance in my head (and, yes, her no-bake cookies are even best).

I think this mixer could keep her inspired and keep my tummy full.

[ Kitchen Aid 90th Anniversary Stand Mixer via Crate and Barrel - Price $350 ]

5. Fringe Detail Cape -

When it comes to this next gift, no one is more surprised than me. This cape is in the Reba line (yep, as in Reba Mcentire) at Dillards. This lambskin suede cape is gorgeous in person and an article of clothing that my mother will stop by and "visit" when cruising the mall.

[ Reba Fringe Detail Cape via Dillards - Price $398 ]

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