Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Things I Need- Part 1

1. Old Books - one of my favorite decorative elements.

I spotted these little wonders on a Barnes and Noble date with the hubby. They are invisible bookshelves and I am in love... I need at least three of these as well as some old classic books to display on them. I think I will have to devote at least one of these bad boys to Miss Austen and Miss Dickinson. I guess I'll give the man an airplane stack... Gosh I'm a good wife.

[ Invisible Floating Bookshelves via Barnes and Noble ]

I can't wait to have a home with a beautiful reading nook like this one. Or maybe even a whole library (I think this room is known to normal people as an office... )

[ image via Velvet & Linen ]

I am also in the market for a very cheap and small table to go next to the current area I have masquerading as a reading nook. I'm thinking that a stack of old books could be just in my price range and the perfect size to hold my cup of tea as I read.

[ images via Budget Wise Home ]

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