Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pick-up Truck Guest Book

I have seen some impressively imaginative guest books, but this one takes the cake! A 1952 Chevy for all your guests to sign is a great addition to a whimsical country wedding.

"Each guest had a mason jar with chalk board painted on it for them to write their name on. In the champagne glasses they put colored rock candy at the bottom so when the champagne hit it would turn different colors. They had a large popcorn maker with many toppings for guest to have as the evening went on. And the guests were all invited to camp over for the night! Such a fun fun wedding!"

What wonderful ideas! I already have a mason jar love, but adding chalk board paint may make it an obsession. Then combine rock candy with champagne and give guests a popcorn bar and you've got my kind of party!

[ image and quote both via Green Wedding Shoes ]

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