Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Search

See the happy couple below? Yes, them. Galoshes wearing, green door loving, blue house owners. I want to be them.

I am happy to report that for some time now the engineer and I have been house hunting. The obstacle? The public relations gal and the aerospace engineer have a slightly different view of home necessity.

For instance, when I think "home" I imagine a 1920's style home with wood floors, crown molding and a a big front porch to sit and sip cool lemonade on a lovely sunny day. I think white washed wood, quaint nooks and built in bookcases flanking warm fireplaces.

[ via Design Sponge... I think ]

[ image via Desire To Inspire ]

[ via Cup of Joe ]

[ via ... ]

Now, my wonderful hubby can appreciate these things, but does not quite hold them to the same high priority as myself.

When the engineer thinks "home" he thinks spacious pristine two car garage (preferably attached) to store his classic corvette. The engineer prefers something newer with less creaks, wear and tear, and, of course, a big backyard for his future dog, a Great Dane named Hank.

Where the man sees practical and functional, I see boring and drab. In contrast where I see quaint and charming he sees illogical and unsound.

I do realize that the hubby's needs are much more practical, but what can I say? The heart wants what it wants and, for me, it's a little charm.

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