Monday, April 5, 2010

From the Easter Weekend

For the Easter weekend the man and I made the drive to my Oklahoma home town. With my father working in Africa, the man was once again overwhelmed by women. The good news? As we women folk preoccupied ourselves with picture taking and cut-out cookie making, the engineer had uninterrupted basketball time.

My parent's home is one of those secluded places that just makes you want to nap, if you weren't so preoccupied by all the STUFF! The newest installment in my childhood home wonderland is pastel painted birdcages hanging from the trees.

Before leaving for work again, my father also added this gorgeous walkway to their side yard. I love the circular pattern with the old brick and river rock.

Aside from the home I grew up in, my parents have also started the remodel on their little lake house. We took the short trip over to the home to check on the progress, daydream about all the home's potential, and take some pictures of our pretty clothes in the pretty scenery.

My gorgeous mother in front of her home.

My sister


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