Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Want to Spin In the Air...

When it comes to weddings, or any event for that matter, I am a huge proponent for the "anything is possible" school of thought. No matter the budget or the circumstances, if there is a particular feel or effect you wish to achieve then go for it! With a little imagination, elbow grease and maybe even some help, dreams can become reality.

This wedding is particularly dream worthy. The reception was held in a San Francisco plant and tree store featuring a "make-your-own grilled cheese sandwich station, a photo booth, a pedal powered ferris wheel, a dada peepshow (where a whole cast of performers put on a show for two people at a time), a tiny tea party, a dance floor, and a karaoke lounge."

I don't know about you, but they had me at make your own grilled cheese sandwich station...

For more fabulousness (as well as the couples unique vows), go see the Style Me Pretty post!

“I strongly recommend any bride (or couple) with a clear vision to do exactly what they want to do and deviate from the plan as much as necessary in the 11th hour. All of my favorite interactive and simple elements came to me in my dreams (literally) just days before our wedding. If you want to spin in the air surrounded by your loved ones, it’s completely possible.”

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