Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Another Random Monday...

I am counting down the days until I see the beach... these little inspirations serve well to distract me...

I love this painting of the man and how it looks like my engineer

Sooo ready to throw a party and try out these lovely elementary school inspired paper napkin flowers

Pretty sure I NEED a Panama Hat via Madewell

I'm thinking this Bridal Bod looks like a fabulous way to get in shape for your wedding or just for life... if not for the workout then at least for the lovely decor and florals ;)

Loving this wedding and these images over at Grey Likes Weddings

And, no, I am not above the Twilight craze and these Harper's Baazar images aren't helping at all

I have always wanted a scent that is "my scent" and I think this may just be it


  1. You make me love Mondays. :) May I suggest you never rise above the Twilight craze either?

  2. my mom still has my paper flower i made in school :) if you want to borrow it.. haha :)