Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wish I could say that each day spent on our fabulous vacation was a perfect beach day, but alas, even at the beach some rain must fall. And although days like these weren't necessarily perfect weather, they made for some perfect moments.

In my many summers spent on the California beaches, I had become a firm believer that sand was created as a perfect pillow and that a dip in the ocean served more to lighten my dirty blond locks than to provide recreation. The engineer, as I learned, does not share this mentality.

To the man, the beach is a giant playground. The sand a field for endless sporting possibilities and the ocean merely a chilling obstacle . Like a puppy eager to play fetch, the hubs somehow coerced my sister and I to join in with his never-ending game. Sprinting up and down the beach in persuit of our makeshift soccer ball (a volleyball), we proved once and for all that the World Cup craze is indeed contagious and that the engineer has a limitless supply of energy.

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