Monday, August 23, 2010

Raring to Go; Random Monday

My life is busy and I tell myself that's how I like it, but then, Monday rolls around and all I wanna do is stay in bed.

Aside from my slothfull nature, I find that there is nothing like random Mondaying it to get my creative juices awake and raring to go... that and a cup of coffee of course.

Necessary purchase: one hippie headband. I know they've been around for a while, but it is time for one to get on my head!

Someday, I want a bedroom reminiscent of the sea

Custom wooden coat hangers; of course lovely for a wedding, but even lovelier to greet me from our coat closet as crisp fall days approach

Thanks so much Grey Likes Weddings for featuring Ever After Honeymoons. What a wonderful way to plan a honeymoon... and what a wonderful career Katie has!

OH MY GOODNESS! Seriously, SERIOUSLY. This wedding. I just can't not look at it. I mean, they had a wedding tent... what more is there?

Movie stars in my J. Crew catalog = just fabulous

And a last minute addition, a save the date video featuring the song we had mid-ceremony at our own dadadadum day :)

Happy Mondaying to all!!!

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