Friday, September 10, 2010

Madewell Makes Me Happy

It would seem that I too am jumping onto the fall fashion frenzy bandwagon. Although where I live half of these ensembles will only be practical for about a month, that doesn't stop me from seeing them all as complete necessity.

Although J. Crew was already toying with more trendy pieces to mix with their classics, the edginess and vintage flair of their sister store Madewell made my heart sing. Now, with the Alexa Chung/Madewell collaboration I have more of a reason than ever to half-heartedly say goodbye to summer and accept the cool autumn weather with open arms.

These are the outfits (and I do mean each outfit in its entirety) that are making me drool on my keyboard:

1. [ aimee fisherman-knit sweater via madewell ]
2. [ iris blouse via madewell ]
3. [ pindot velvet blouse via madewll ]
4. [ hello bat sketchbook tee via madewell ]

1. This creamy sweater is at the top of my list of "needs." And, with a color named "polar bear" I might even convince the winter beast loving hubby that this would make a perfect just because present... ( and I heart her messy sidebraid).

2. Classic yet sexy. Silky blouse, highwaisted skinny jeans and Clark Kent worthy glasses = I'm sold.

3. I had a feeling velvet would be present this fall... And I do love mixing my black and brown.

4. Not an outfit, but that's ok, because this tee can stand alone. This may have to be my Happy Halloween treat.

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