Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'Tis the Season for Football

'Tis the season when the engineer is full of joy and child-like giddiness (a manly child-like giddiness of course). College football is upon us and the midwest masses are frothing at the mouth in anticipation of each impending game, each heart pounding touchdown and every teeth rattling tackle.

Regardless of my lifelong Oklahoma existence, the football gene never quite took. My absolute cluelessness when it comes to the game itself (sorry hubby) is however only slightly overshadowed by an enthusiam for the sheer All-American good time that comes with the season.

Football season is so much more than just overgrown men colliding into one another. It has a culture all of its own complete with food, fashion, and ritual; all evolving and yet abundant with tradition.

[ image via tommy hilfiger ]
[ images via ritzy bee ]
So, with that being said, this season I vow to:

1. Proudly wear my crimson and cream school colors (and not simply because they are just dang good colors)
2. To truly attempt to watch a game or two with my man
3. When watching said games, I vow to not start reading a book until a reasonable amount of time has passed (until halftime?)
4. And when watching these games, I will not fall asleep with my head on my husband's chest... until a reasonable amount of time has passed...
5. I will attempt to make game day food and not be disappointed when it does not resemble Martha Stewart's
6. And finally, when tailgating, I will not be disappointed when everyone does not look like they stepped out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign.

Ok, I'm ready for you to take me out to the ball game! Oh wait, that's not right is it...

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