Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Costume Basics

Not only is American Apparel helping you out with all your basics needs but did you know they can also help you out with your costume needs? My top three picks; "Plastic Dolls" (I'm pretty sure that is Barbie and Ken without the lawsuit), Dead Ballerina and Slumber Party.

[ plastic dolls via american apparel ]

[ dead ballerina via american apparel ]

[ slumber party via american apparel ]

I must say, Slumber Party is by far my favorite. Can't you just imagine getting your best girlfriends together to dress like a naughty version of the Babysitters Club? Randomly breaking out into pillow fights at any given moment and practicing kissing on the back of your hand would be necessity...

Just a few more days until the Halloween weeekend!

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