Friday, October 22, 2010

Costume Couture

Who says that Halloween costumes have to come packaged in plastic? Or even worse, cost a pretty penny and only be worn once? I vote for fab fashion re-purposed this Halloween.

1. Eve (of Adam & Eve) - Who wants to wear leaves and go barefoot when you could wear flesh tone sequins and nude pumps? And don't forget your apple! Oh Eve, being bad looks so good...

[ image via bluepoolroad ]

2. Robin Hood - Grab a bow and arrow and the ever so popular this season cape and start stealing... hearts that is.

[ image via shiny squirrel ]

3. Bat Girl - I am all for head to toe black leather, but this ghostly white is hauntingly beautiful and a bit unexpected.

[ image via oh joy ]

Trick or Treating never looked so yummy.

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