Monday, November 1, 2010

Random Blustery Monday

How is it November already? As though the weather knew, it is a blustery day that chills to the bone.. beckoning winter and blowing away our perfect crisp fall days. The neighborhood market shelves lined with Halloween costumes have almost instantly been replaced by Christmas (already!) and the engineer's birthday is just around the corner (10 days and counting).

If you too are having a chilling first day of November, here's some inspiration to keep you warm...

Love this veil and everything else in her week of lovelies

Lilly Aldridge jealousy at an all time here and here

A gone fishin DIY

Sweet Potato Fries... mine always turn out soggy. Maybe this recipe will save the sweet potato day!

One good thing about Mondays? Gossip Girl

So proud of Oklahoma City and their Trendy Third

A groom and his glasses

Happy First Day of November!

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