Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Monday

I will start the week by admitting that I took two very long naps this weekend (I guess that's why I married a man who has a sports addiction, so I could have clearly defined nap times). As wonderful as relaxation is, it also means that my big dreams for the weekend were not quite realized. So, I am starting the new week a little behind, with great aspirations and fighting the urge to sleep before the sun has set.

More reasons to love burlap

Absolutely smitten with all the diy goodness over at Ruffled; Spool letter, Table numbers, Fall monogram letters (my personal fave), Rustic rope vase (wait, maybe thats my fave)...

Little sister looking gorgeous as usual

Why is everything better in France?

I love tea

A business card of beauty

An apple a day inspiration

Wishing you all a week full of completed tasks and maybe a nap or two...


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