Monday, December 20, 2010

Cher, I Know You Gotta Quarter

Gift wishes for one Cher look alike who never goes anywhere without her red lipstick and turqouise jewelry. A woman who makes manicotti that puts any restaurant to shame, is known for her fudge, cheesecake and no bake cookies recipes and will serve them all to you in bed on a gorgeous platter with a smile and a Gilmore Girls DVD. She is eccentric and wonderful and has such beautiful style that only she could ever pull it off...

Dear Santa,

For my mom,
1. Fiesta worthy Mexican inspired mugs to fuel her mug obsession, coffee addiction and colorful kitchen
2. This gorgeous print because it might else well be a self portrait...seriously (spotted here)
3. Cozy blankets (spotted here)
4. Lavendar scented satchels so her closet can have her favorite scent (spotted here)
5. Matchstick bottle so she is always ready to light her many many candles (spotted here)
6. And finally, mistletoe soap because she can't get enough mistletoe (spotted here)


P.S. The title of this post is what a homeless woman yelled at my mother as we strolled the streets of Santa Barbara... it never stops cracking me up.

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