Friday, December 17, 2010

For A Boy Who Loves Airplanes

Gift wishes for a boy who loves airplanes, a hubby, an engineer and a friend. A man with a passion for sports, an addiction to his iPhone, a soft spot for polar bears, a style all his own and a laugh that warms my heart...

Dear Santa,

For my husband,
1. Pillows that make the idea of throw pillows seem manly. Glasses Pillow (that match his glasses), Airplane Pillow, Big Lebowski Pillow
2. Dude No. 1 All Natural Beard Oil to soften his oh so handsome scruff (spotted here)
3. Cold, a book about the places where polar bears live (spotted here)
4. Vintage suspenders because he and I both know he could rock them
5. An iPad to play on and a cradle to recharge it
6. And, of course, a leather iPad case with a wood design
7. A phonekerchief with a message that sums up my own wishful thinking
8. A wood whale for his desk (spotted here)
9. A vintage fan for his nightstand
10. And a Vintage Wood Letterpress 'T' just in case he forgets...

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