Thursday, December 16, 2010

For Twiggy

Gift wishes for one skinny chemical engineering major with a flair for cooking, a love for fashion and kittens, a fabulous blog of her own, a coffee addiction, a borderline Jenny Humphrey-esque style (don't give me that look, you know it's true) and a sissy who loves her...

Dear Santa,
For my sister,
1. One Stylit Daily Fashion Planner to plan her ensembles in advance
2. A fun Lauk square gold tip fringe bag to sling across her chest on her way to class (spotted here)
3. A to-go coffee cozy to keep her coffee warm and show she's got heart
4. Some wrist worms... so her fingers are free to text (me) on even the chilliest Oklahoma mornings (spotted here)
5. Ceramic Ruled Pitchers to dress up her sorority room and remind her of her love for beakers (spotted here)
6. Spats; basically because they are awesome but also so she can wear her high heels no matter the weather forcecast
7. A chalkboard globe so she can daydream about all the places she will see (spotted here)
8. To continue her fashionable endeavors, a cheery yellow portable sewing machine
9. And finally, a handmade gift.. mink converse because handmade means from the heart (spotted here)

P.S. As I type, she is kicking all of her finals butts

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  1. :) You the best sissy a girl could ever ask for!