Monday, December 20, 2010

For Robert Plant

Today you get two early morning posts (you'll still get some Random Monday goodness later) because you can't have Cher without... No not Sonny.

Gift wishes for a man who has been mistaken for Robert Plant (the early years), who is famous for painting a bale of hay for each and every holiday and whose artistic abilities always astound me. A man who wears black leather pants to church services, drinks his coffee black and often, can't say no to a good collection (church organs, cars, motorcycles, magazines, guitars, coins, boats, cameras, records, antiques...) and who I trusted enough to set up the ceremony site on my wedding day...

Dear Santa,

For my dad,
1. 1954 Cadillac Tail Light Bookends because they are awesome and maybe he could put some car magazines between them...
2. This Wool and Leather Travel Bag for his trips to Africa
3. A vintage U.S. Army watch
4. The Gunsmoke men's leather bracelet
5. A vintage Polaroid from the 1970's to add to his camera collection
6. And a cigar box guitar because he loves them... alot


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