Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doughnut and Coffee Bar

Yesterday morning started with my usual cup of coffee (this is typically proceeded by two more, don't judge). Because I was out of my dairy/sugar/flavor of choice (chocolate flavored soy milk; it does it all), I opted for the alternative, skim milk, and about three heaping spoonfuls of sugar (just in case I was being too healthy). Upon my arrival to work, I was greeted by a box of doughnuts. Two chocolate glazed later, and I found this inspiring sight.
[ images via belle amour ]
My mind reels at the delicious possibilities that a doughnut and coffee bar hold. From a celebratory brunch, to the eclectic corner of your wedding, to... your average Saturday morning?

Forget breakfast in bed and set up a bar. I think it would be far more fun and you wouldn't have to worry about washing the sheets after you're done. Perfection.

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