Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Monday

Last night we took down the Christmas decorations. It was bittersweet for both of us. Although we knew we would be happier not putting it off, it still seemed like the official end of Christmas. I think our melancholy was an important reminder to celebrate each and everyday... even Mondays.
Confession. Unless something really catches my eye, I am a blog skimmer. BUT I took a moment to read this glamorous post.

Quitting your job and becoming a yoga teacher sounds kind of fabulous.

Loved the book. So very excited for the movie.

Still haven't taken down the tree? Suggestions on how to here and here (that's how I store our lights).

A Jane Austen comic strip.

It's cold outside and I could really go for a a second honeymoon on the beach right about now.

A peek at my Christmas here and here

Martha Stewart Weddings Winter Issue

Tips for living out your creative resolutions.

That is it for the first Random Monday of the New Year! Are you ready to live it to the fullest? I still don't have my New Year's Resolutions locked in, but I do know I will be visiting the gym... that's all I am willing to commit to for today.
Happy Monday!

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