Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Monday

Here in Kansas the snow has officially started to fall. This winter weather has me obsessing over the prospect of a good old fashioned snow day. A winter weather advisory, stay off the icy roads, school is closed, guess you'll have to stay in your p.j.'s all day by the fire kind of snow day. So keep your fingers crossed that by the time you read this your boss has called to tell you not to come in. In the mean time, procrastinate strapping on your snow boots and check out a few more of the things I am obsessing over on this random Monday.
Mattie Ross and her menswear ensemble

The Twiggy's brand new haircut

The idea of organizing everything (notice I said the IDEA of it...)

New clothes inspired by old fashions

Weddings (as usual) but especially Oklahoma ones

I knew I was obsessed with French Press Coffee, but now I'm onto this coffee drip stand

Inspiration boards

White on white interiors

To My Wife; Seriously... every single post makes me smile

Let it snow!

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