Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Monday

It would be an understatement to say that I accomplished nothing this weekend... other than watching the complete first season of Lost and a bit of the second. Yes, the hubs and I decided that it was time to dive into the phenomena. Funny how despite seeing no one but the engineer for the past two days I somehow feel more in tune with our culture. I would love to blame this lazy weekend on the freezing painfully cold weather, but I am beginning to wonder if I am just plain lazy. Of course, perhaps all is not lost (heeheee), because I still managed to find all sorts of Monday randomness.
Loving this dress

I have my electric blanket, the engineer his fan... nice to now we're not the only couple battling over the bedclothes

I love watercolors

A New York City to-do list... for my someday visit to my NYC best friend

A proposal in Paris followed by a precious photos hoot

Santa Barbara, Spanish style and Jose Villa... a few of my favorite things in one wedding

Speaking of Santa Barbara, what a lovely little story about a lovely place

I don't know what it is about me and sweet videos lately, but here's another... Baby's First Audition

So there you are. My one weekend accomplishment. But really, who needs clean laundry and organized cabinets? Overrated. Please tell me you all didn't finish your weekend goals...

Much lazy love,


  1. so the paris proposal made me for sure want to share this with you... I was going to before, but this just reminded me again :)

    I went to high school with her, actually.. we cheered together. This proposal is kind of cliche, but in the best way possible.. almost sickening it's so sweet and romantic...

  2. That is precious! I love the part where she fell to her knees. Let's just go ahead and say it, if you can swing it, a proposal with a vacation to someplace fabulous is always a home run (and yes I just made a sports reference...)