Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Monday

In honor of the Oscars, my little sister rocking my old prom dress (an altered Victoria's Secret night gown)

Dreaming of a dream Maui vacation with a dream Maui wardrobe

Gorgeous romantic images by Tec Petaja

Tassels and fringe, oh my!

Always love reading about people's creative journeys

I want to shop at a store like this

Oh the Oscars... the dresses, the jewelry, the make up, the hair, the glamour.... maybe I am exhausted from all the excitement, maybe it's from my too late bedtime for a night before work. Point is, the coffee is not working. How can I be ready for a nap already?

Happy Random Monday lovers! Hope you are more awake than me...


1 comment:

  1. OH my gosh.. that vintage store is to die for...

    That's it, I'm going antique-ing this Saturday. I've put it off for a few weekends now. I'm turning 25 this week and I need to me time. Haha..

    But LOVE those plaid pants she got! They would make my ass look ginormous, but they looked fab on her. Wish I was getting married again too and I would wear the short, sweetheart strapless. The lace up bustier is cute too.. I couldn't wear it, but could totally see you rocking it. And the cobalt blue turban! I wonder how much that vintage Versace dress was... hmm... Love.

    Thanks for helping me decide if I should go browsing this weekend or not :) Just wish you were here with and we could get some Starbucks and browse our hearts out.. with Neeley of course too.