Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Boots

[ j. crew pink coat; j. crew pants; vintage leather gloves; sorel snow boots ] 
Snow day. I think I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be home on a weekday. Even though I was accomplishing many things (ok, many loads of laundry), I still managed to stay in my pajamas and slippers until late afternoon. As for daytime television... here are a few things that I learned today:

1. Regis Philbin is retiring... sad!

2. Some lady is punishing her children by making them eat hot sauce???

3. After 11:00 a.m. there is absolutely nothing decent on TV, but HBO has Sex and the City On Demand (the Aiden episodes at the moment). They reminded me that cell phones are still pretty new and that it was genius product placement to give Carrie Bradshaw a MacBook.

When I did manage to dress myself and emerge from hibernation it was only to try out my new snow boots. I think the are fabulous. A little surprise from the engineer. He picked them out all by himself and just in time. Well done hubs.


  1. Ugh why are you so pretty in the snowy, cold weather... hate you. :)

  2. The prettiness is merely an illusion brought on by the combination of bright white snow and a pink coat, haha! What you can't see is the snot dripping from my nose, eewwww.