Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day: Camp In

This one's for your man. Remember how cool it was to build a fort when you were a kid? This is just like that, only romantical...How to make it romantical? Just add twinkle lights and candles (duh). Plus hot cocoa and fondue would be super easy while keeping things super steamy (yes, I just rhymed).

What she'll wear:
1. An American Apparel little red bow in your hair to add some whimsy
2. A mesh Sweetheart Top from Asos because it's in the name...
3. Frye Studded Boot to impress your stud
4. Scarf from Madewell to add the illusion of the outdoors

What he'll wear:
1. A cozy sweater from the Gap
2. Red laces from J. Crew for his camping boots
3. Utility Shirt also from J. Crew because it just sounds manly
4. Red Long-Johns from American Apparel

UH! I just love this idea so much too! I think I would be interested in combining this with the movie date...

[ row 1: camp in image via a subtle revelry, hot cocoa image via celebrations at home
[ row 2: fondue image via celebrations at home, fort image via design sponge ]

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