Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Day Date

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lucky brand boots, ray-ban sunglasses ]
A couple of years ago, the engineer and I discovered the joys of the Valentine's Day "Day Date" and have been hooked ever since. Because this year V-Day did not fall on a weekend, we chose to celebrate early.

The genius of the day date begins with lunch at a relatively fancy restaurant. This 1:30ish p.m. date means super yummy food, lovely atmosphere with the added bonus of cheaper lunch menu prices and no wait time. Dessert is a must.

While desserting, break out the iPhone and find a chick flick that is about to begin at a theater near you. Undoubtedly you will have a little time to spare before it begins. Take this time to stroll through a book store, window shop, grab coffee, or snap a few pictures to commemorate the day. We chose the latter.

If you also choose the latter for this time, do not be surprised if other couples walking hand in hand stop to give you a knowing smile. They're day dating too.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!!! Go show someone how much you looooooove them.

P.S. If you stopped by for a Random Monday Post, come back tomorrow, I'll do it then...promise.

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