Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day: Girl's Night Out

All you single ladies, you didn't think I would forget you, did you? I have been single enough Valentine's Days to know that girlfriends make the best Valentines. Who else understands your love for frilly pink panties, chocolate and chick flicks? Not a guy. So step out with your ladies and celebrate what it is to be a free woman! My recommendation? I just recently attended a "Panty Party" (again, don't make it dirty). It's basically a girly good time. Each guest brings a pair of new wrapped pretty panties. You then draw numbers and play a rousing game of "Dirty Santa"(you know, Number One opens a gift, then Number Two can choose to either open a new gift or steal the first one and so on...)
What you'll wear:
1. It's a night with the girls, so wear all the things that guys just don't undertand, starting with some sequin hearts 
2. Then, a big satin sash with red lipstick
3. If you love stilettos, then by all means wear them. But if you want to change it up and dance the night away, go with glitter oxfords from Saks
4. For the dress, two words; Betsy. Johnson.

[ first row: image via oh joy, raspberry chocolate kiss martini via martha stewart, chocolate covered strawberries via one charming party ]
[ second row: champagne pop via ritzy bee, victoria's secret image via the vogue diaries, deborah marquit panties via net-a-porter ]

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