Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day: Movie Date

Now this date is an oldie but a goodie. I know you can handle it, even on Monday if you're not ready for a V-Day weekend; a movie date at home (you could go out, but staying at home gives you another reason to cuddle). To make it special, grab those cute cardboard popcorn containers and make your pepperoni into little hearts (precious). But sorry guys, Valentine's Day does call for a chick flick. Of course, Sleepless In Seattle is a classic so I think you can handle it.

What she'll wear:
1. Sweetheart/Bad Girl Tee from Forever 21 (Sometimes your both)
2. I've posted this before, but a movie date calls for bluntness. He'll read it loud and clear with the Let's Make Out necklace by In God We Trust
3. Red Cropped Legging Jeans from Gap. Sexy meets comfy.

What he'll wear:
1. Bright Rugby Dual-Stripe Sock from J. Crew
2. Pocket Heart Tee by Etsy seller Prismatic Therapy to hold a love letter to his sweetheart... or his phone
3. Converse Clocked Watch from Urban Outfitters

The engineer and I might need to partake in this one.

[ top row: popcorn image via eat drink chic, sleepless in seattle via amazon, pizza image via one charming party ]

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