Friday, March 4, 2011

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Unfortunately, sometimes I get a little down in the dumps, but I truly believe this little space is a place to be positive. So in the spirit of looking on the bright side, here are a five things that are making me extremely happy this lovely Friday morning.

1. My French Press and tiny antique cup and saucer make me happier than "things" really should. My French Press is designed to make one single cup of smooth delightful coffee. As I have stated before, I am really more of a five cups a morning kinda gal, so my tiny little cup and saucer give the perfect illusion that I am downing more than I am.

2. Yesterday I told the hubs in passing that I was craving chocolate (when am I not really?). So what does he do? He came home with a little white bag holding yummy chocolates. That one made me really REALLY happy. (Pictured above with a giant bite taken out of one, mmmmmmmmmmm).

3. An article about my little sister and her blog was featured in her college newspaper!

4. This weekend, we house search... again. Although this brings stress, it also makes me pretty dang happy.

5. Today is Friday... 'nough said.

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