Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lost Dress

[ spotted at a cup of jo,
 french connection striped bell sleeve dress via asos]
Once upon a time, there was the most perfect Spring dress. It was a ribbed, long sleeve, mini, navy and white striped perfection. The type of dress that must be worn in the forgiving Spring 70 degree temperatures (or when accompanied by an ocean breeze). The label was a random surfer girl kinda brand (like Bongo or something) and I searched high and low... but alas, by the time I found this dress, it was no longer available in my size... ANYWHERE. And thus the dress was lost.

THEN, this ASOS dress came into my life and perhaps all was not lost. True, it is not EXACTLY the same, but close enough for me to love the pants off of it!

Luckily, it's a dress. So it doesn't need pants....


  1. Haha,'s Billabong.

    -love, the engineer

  2. Know it all... ;) Thanks hubs