Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Monday

Another weekend that just didn't feel much like a weekend. The lack of lounging resulted in extra coffee this morning, which resulted in caffeine jitters leading to an already fueled by stress adrenaline rush. Insert Random Monday inspiration and my my mind is buzzing with possibility. Uh oh, this is sounding just a little too much like a Charlie Sheen rant... Better cut straight to some link love.
[ photography by amanda watson photography ]
An OU v. OSU love story... a regular Romeo and Juliet (it's an Oklahoma thing...)

We showed off our geek glasses; here is even more fabulous geek glasses inspiration

One of my goals (without any real deadline) is to bake my own homemade, from scratch bread. A bread exchange just sounds like the next deliciously obvious step

A blog for the boys; spotted here

A Jose Villa book... yes please

Remind me to be a J. Crew model when I grow up

I thought a month of cardigans was just called getting dressed... Love it!

Shop like a French girl

Hope this week you feel like a "winner!" (Oh my goodness, I am so sorry I just referenced him... never again).



  1. Thanks for the link love + hope you have a minute to relax today!

  2. A. The girl you posted is my sorority sister.
    B. The blog you have linked Emmadime, she's from OSU too.
    C. It's like we were made to be friends!

  3. Victoria, your blog is lovely and I am just now relaxing... except I did go to yoga which the hubs pointed out to me does in fact count as relaxing.

    Lauren, I have determined we are basically soul mates.