Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Monday

One thing is on my mind this Monday morning... Big Love Series Finale (that's right, SERIES Finale, like FOR.. EV.. ERRR). Did you watch it last night? I totally did NOT see that ending coming. I think I am still a bit depressed. If you too are in need of something to take your mind off the outcome of the Henrickson family... so sad... here's a little Random Monday for ya...
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Oh Nicolette, at least you learned to love

I love Gossip Benches too!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Birthday. Check out that bed!

I vote yes for summer time Smoothie Bars

True words from Dr. Seuss

The Hamptons beach home in Something's Gotta Give absolutely has one of my favorite movie home decors

Is that a cheese table at that wedding? Brilliant!

In love with this song by "Next Time Around" by Little Joy... Watch the video and join me in the urge to wear a flower in my hair and drive around in an orange VW bug.

Did that song perk you Big Love watchers up at all? Only a little? Yeah, it' s hard for me too. But we will recover... I mean if the wives can do it...

Happy Monday!


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