Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cardboard Boxes and Measuring Cups

Here is a little peek at a game I like to call "Where In the HECK Did I Pack the Measuring Cups???" This game was ever so briefly interrupted by an equally rousing game of "Where Is the 'Good Camera' To Capture This Moment In My Life?" I would compare these games to a combination of Twister and Trivial Pursuit... I don't think that Milton Bradley will be hiring me any time soon.

Now, after an hour of searching for the lost measuring cups, do you know where they appeared? In the very bottom of a huge box full of nothing but hangers. CLEARLY!

And who found them? After about 5 seconds of searching? The engineer. Figures. He has always been better at games than me.


  1. I wish Kenny could find stuff that fast... In our household, it's the completely opposite.

    PS - these pics are crap. I need to see more of the house!!!! I mean, you're beautiful, but I need to see this house :) love you and miss you!!!

  2. Haha! So sorry my dear! I promise to post more house pics soon... They won' be very interesting though... seeing how we have no furniture....

  3. That's perfectly fine. I like the minimalist look.. I think it's in right now.