Friday, April 22, 2011

One Night Chef

Tonight I came home to be greeted by a man in my kitchen, cooking me a glooooorious meal (by the way, it turns out a "meal" consists of appetizer, main course and a dessert). And, the man? Yeah, it wasn't the engineer...

Our dear friend, Surya, has found a way to combine his love and talent for cooking with his passion for philanthropy and our taste buds are not complaining.

Last night we booked Surya's charitable organization, One Night Chef, for a gourmet meal for two. We'd paid a $40 flat fee for the ingredients and then made a donation to the current community One Night Chef is supporting (right now all donations go to a school in Nepal that is near and dear to Surya's heart).

It was our pleasure to dine on...

And, OH MY GOSH, when I say pleasure I mean PLEASURE. Seriously, his food is phenomenal! And the best part? We got to feast on this little bit of edible heaven in the comfort of our own home!

Speaking of... did I mention Surya made us famous? Ok, maybe we just had a small part in his local news spot, but we did get to eat his Salmon with Watercress Salad and Creme Brulee (phenomenal).

My suggestion, head over to One Night Chef and book your meal... like now.


  1. Um...will he come to Kentucky? And, OMG! You really are famous!!!!! :)