Monday, April 18, 2011

Random {disappointed} Monday

As I type this it is actually Sunday night. For this Random Monday post, I could write about how busy we have been. I could reiterate this by telling you how our Saturday night date was cut short so that we could be fast asleep by 10:30. I could tell you how after being in bed at 10:30 p.m. we did not wake Sunday morning until 10:30 a.m.  I could point out how that is a good 12 hours of sleep, yet we still feel exhausted. I could write all of these things to make you understand why I have been such a bad blogger, but I won't. Why? Because we have much more disappointing things to discuss.

After catching up on my DVRed shows this evening, I have learned that my FAVORITE American Idol contestant (yes, I watch American Idol... no judging) has been kicked off... Paul. America? How could you?
Those who know me will not be surprised by my mad Paul love. The hubs will not be surprised, but is always disappointed by my indie rocker tendencies....

One of the loveliest little random videos ever (gracious... I'm into videos lately)

Obsessed with ice cream cones at a wedding

Water For Elephants... still so excited!

Cannot BELIEVE there was controversial conversation about this post. The moment I saw this I thought she was gooorgeous... and curvy. Curvy and fabulous.

Burlap + Bling wedding = Heaven

A television on an easel. Artwork at its finest.

Not as good as the way the engineer proposed to me of course but, a photo shoot with a surprise proposal is pretty dang good.

Pandora has me wanting to thumbs up and thumbs down things in real life... Thumbs up to hubs bringing me home Starbucks. Thumbs down to Paul being kicked off Idol. These stamps could help.

More Ferris Bueller love... because life DOES move pretty fast

Sigh, Monday will not be the same knowing I can't look forward to a Paul performance this week...


P.S. I will be a better blogger this week. Promise.

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