Monday, April 25, 2011

Random {rainy} Monday

This is not the springtime I ordered. Last night, I plugged in the electric blanket... unacceptable. And, yes, I know, I know "April showers bring May flowers," but at this pace, my May flowers are going to drown.  Luckily, I have about a pound of chocolate bunnies to help me nurse my cold rainy icky spring depression and an endless supply of link love (of course).

This woodsy bridal session by the life you love photography is a little more of the springtime I had in mind...

With all the chocolatey goodness I've got going, it's going to take more than some healthy accessories to help me... but it's a start

My creative business card love continues (in honor of the hubs, I think I have to say the airplane is my fave)

Oh Happy Day continues to amaze me with what simple streamers can do

I am pretty sure this veil is royal wedding worthy

Pretty sure 1969 could have been my era

A little inspiration for my Kansas beach home

Marilyn, Barbara, Natalie, Goldie, Elizabeth... gangs all here!

My toes are cold. Thought you should now.


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  1. I fully believe 1969 is the best year of the 20th century- I am completely obsessed with that whole Southern California, David Hockney swimming pool paintings, Berkeley hippies, Woodstock, The Graduate era... and the fashion of course is a huge part of it all.