Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Domestic Goddess {almost}

Last night I had every intention of being a domestic goddess. Barefoot in the kitchen.

The green beans were snapped, the tilapia thawed and seasoned, the oven pre-heated. I was well on my way to being a perfectly mediocre wife... then the engineer called and lured me away from my domestic

Our impromptu junk food date made me realize that I am such a rookie, in so many ways.

First rookie mistake, never allow yourself to be photographed while trying to eat a giant bratwurst (wait, that didn't sound right).

Next rookie mistake, do not feel pressured at Orange Leaf. When it comes to samples, you gotta elbow your way in there. Stay strong.  Do not be hurried at the toppings bar by those behind you. Take your time and make educated and daring decisions.

And final rookie mistake, don't try to cook dinner without consulting your other half first.

Domestic goddess-ness is so not for rookies.

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