Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orange Beads, Side Braids and the Promise of Summer

Orange beads and a side braid seemed like the right way to greet our first day boasting a high of 100 degrees.

Summer, I can almost feel you. It's there. That slightly anxious yet relaxed feeling in the pit of my stomach. That feeling that the school year is about to come to a close and usher in sweet, swimsuited, sunkissed days of laziness.

I've had enough school-less summers, but the feeling doesn't fade. It still seems to make me smile.


  1. I love your side braid! You have the perfect hair to rock that look. Wish mine was long and thick... : ) so pretty.

  2. You guys are too sweet! And as for rockin a braid, if it's not long there is always the Heidi braid across the forehead or maybe a nice hippie freedom braid? Oh the options...