Tuesday, May 24, 2011

planet hair

Saturday I got a haircut. And when I say "cut" I mean more like a vigorous trim. I play it pretty safe when it comes to my hair; keep it long, never color it, no radical styles. But despite my safe styling, my trips to the salon always seem to make a woooorld of difference. 

There is just something about freshly cut hair that takes me from homeless hippie to put together chic (or as close to put together as I can get).

And doesn't salon shampoo just smell better than the shampoo at home? And how is it that at the salon, when someone says "Are we waxing your eyebrows? Let's wax your eyebrows today," it's not an insult but just a wonderful "let's make you beautiful" kind of moment? 

floral chain headwrap: forever 21
aviators: ray-ban
tank: forever 21
skirt: forever 21
belt: vintage
watch: michael kors
shoes: gianni bini
hair by katherine at planet hair

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