Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Monday

I maaaaaay have gotten a little distracted with the royal wedding last Friday. The funny part is, I never even saw it coming. True, I am wedding obsessed, but I am not exactly a "royal" kind of gal. For instance, I would have slipped the prince a little tongue on that second kiss on the balcony... I mean COME ON, give the people what they want! See... so NOT royal.
Even I, a girl with not a poof or sparkle in sight on her own wedding dress, could not help but be drawn into the princess loveliness of it all { like tiaras,  and hats, and unhappy flower girls }

By the way, I totally agree with this

And now for some un-Royal Wedding related link love...

Hubs, this is the skirt I tried to send you in that email to let you know that I really, really, really, REALLY want it

Jam and bread has never looked so good

I love me some Rachel Bilson style

Polaroid love here and here

I was not tooooo invested in this whole Royal Wedding thing, so I think I will survive this week. However, for those of you falling into a severe post-nuptial depression... My thoughts are with you.


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  1. I'm glad you got sucked in to the RW, if even for a brief moment! I was quite depressed on Sunday, but I'm recovering quite well now.