Thursday, May 19, 2011


This outfit started out as nothing special. If I'm honest, I must admit that it was chosen simply out of an absolute aversion to ironing.

Yes, the day was shaping up to be nothing but bland. Same old pencil skirt, same old cardigan, same old pony tail, same old same old. But then it came to me. Tortoise shell frames, buttoned to the top cardigan, and a swipe of red lipstick later and... BAM! Instant 1950's naughty secretary.

Better. Much better.

glasses: ray-ban
cardigan: j crew
belt: j crew
skirt: banana republic
necklace: vintage
watch: michael kors
lipstick: covergirl outlast


  1. I love this look, but I can't help but think about our convo about red lipstick :) Haha!

    PS - which color is this? And is it the actual lip stick or their lip stain?

  2. Haha! I actually have no clue what color this is! I could't find the name on the bottom and I've had it a while. I believe it is actually called "all-day lipcolor" though :)