Tuesday, May 31, 2011

shades of orange

For all of those who were not raised in the great state of Oklahoma, I need to explain something. Although at times Oklahomans may seem like the friendliest of folks (just try driving through a small town without a pick-up truck driver giving you a "howdy" wave), the truth is that in Oklahoma there is a great divide. It is a divide that no amount of waving can undo. And it is a divide that will turn even the friendliest to not so friendly...

It is the division between those who support the color orange (Oklahoma State University) and those who support the color crimson (University of Oklahoma). It is a passionate separation based in football affiliation, college alumni, family lineage, and it is serious business.

And now the confession. Although my blood runs crimson, I have a love for orange that I cannot deny. I can call it coral, faded mango, morange, hibiscus, clementine, red dirt, all I want, but we all no the truth. They are all just shades of orange (sorry hubs).

ajenda's lipstick: morange by mac
the engineer's shorts: j crew in faded mango
my lipstick: hibiscus (surf baby collection) by mac
red dirt photos: lake hefner in oklahoma city


  1. I'm so glad you are coming to your senses on the wonderful world of Orange issue. It's OK to love Orange, it loves you back :)

  2. You already know what's coming...

    You came to OKC and didn't tell me?!? Ugh. I hate you.

    Not really, but seriously... haha!