Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's cool in here

Air conditioning didn't used to be a summer time option for me. From... I don't know, birth to about high school graduation I lived in a home built in 1910 with limited energy efficiency and a broken air conditioner. The air conditioner never got fixed because who could afford it, all the cool air would just go right back outside anyways, and something about the health issues involved with air conditioning resulting in too many positive ions... (right mom?)

For that reason, coupled with the fact that we lived in the country surrounded by a fortress of trees, clothes weren't really a part of the summer cooling plan. Swimsuits, cold showers, multiple fans, cold watermelon, and sleeping with nothing but a sheet were all part of the plan.

Now, I embrace air conditioning and our cool cool home. Because wearing clothes is too much fun. And even though it's hot out there, it's cool in here.

Now I just need to figure out what to do about all those positive ions... and maybe figure out what that actually means.

P.S. I borrowed this necklace for a party my senior year of college... Neeley, please remind me to return this to you.

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