Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's official

It is officially summer. I've been talking about it for weeks, and it's finally here. The first official day of summer. If I could make my relationship with summer facebook official I would.

This summer, I intend to make the most of every sun-filled moment. Here is my list of summertime to-dos. (I can go ahead and leave "dressing like a character from Three's Company" off... check!).

1. Maybe get a little summer glow (just a touch of real tan... maybe... please? Through the sunscreen? Don't judge).

2. Workout regularly (it's bikini crunch time here people... yes, yes, I know, I am virtually skin and bones, but I wouldn't mind some muscle in between that skin and bone).

3. Go to a drive-in movie and/or outdoor movie.

4. Eat snow cones often (maybe this doesn't go with number 2, but a lot of my summer plans will combat the bikini body).

5. Make homemade ice cream.

6. Make popsicles (are you sensing a theme here?)

7. Have a picnic.

8. Play in the ocean.

9. At least one make-out session in the sand (come on hubs, we got this one).

10. Paint the office and the spare bedroom.

11. Get some furniture in our home.

12. Eat at In-N-Out (YUM!)

13. Paint fingernails and toenails in bright summertime colors.

14. Take time to play outside.

15. Attend farmer's markets often.

16. Throw dinner parties.*

Please be advised that I reserve the right to add fabulous things to this list at whim. What's on your list? I may want to copy...

* Added at whim

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  1. 12. I ate at In N Out Burger for the FIRST time this past weekend, YUM!! I want to go back ASAP!!