Monday, June 20, 2011

random {celebratory} monday

Nope, we're not celebrating anyone's birthday around here today. In fact, I'm not really feeling any reason to celebrate... so I am posting these candles. Because they make me smile. And there is always a reason to celebrate. Because we are healthy, and safe, and loved, and blessed.
These candles, and other reasons to celebrate, over at the city cradle

"I would like pinatas to have a regular appearance in our life. I’m not sure exactly how, but we’ll figure it out." Me too.

I don't know how many bridesmaids would welcome horizontal stripes... I vote yes.

As if I haven't revealed enough about my TV watching habits (American Idol, Big Love, True Blood, etc.),  now I must admit... I also watch the Bachelorette and I thought West was precious. Just sayin. Also, new episode tonight so another reason to celebrate!

I want to go to the drybar (imagine me stomping my feet and pouting like a 3 year old right now)

Ummm... jealousy

Make the best of now. You cannot escape it. A cute outfit, a panama hat and an inspirational wall writing = happy Bianca.

Mason jars and handkerchiefs. Two of my favorites combined.

I hope you are celebrating Monday!


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  1. OMG love those candles!! And for that drybar... I want me some of that!