Monday, June 27, 2011

random monday {a family affair}

I had the infinite pleasure of spending the weekend with these two lovely ladies {who just happen to be my sister and mother}. How did they get lucky enough to make the Random Monday cut? Because they also enjoy spending their time in random ways... random coffee dates, food stops, shopping trips and, of course, random photo shoots. You can look forward to a couple of posts this week with more of our weekend antics, but for now, some random link love...

Summer Essential = Floppy Hat

Storage that makes doing laundry look good... or maybe just not that terrible

Starbucks, woods and a proposal

"Teepee Glamping" aka camping I can do

Ummmm... Gorgeous

Only four more days til the weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Bianca I read your blog often and I love it! And of course this post about the fam :) all of your are so gorgeous!

    - Olivia (Ajenda's roomate!)